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Intuitively, when we say systemic innovation we mean simply "good innovation", or more precisely "what innovation needs to become in order to serve us in this time of civilizationalt transition".

What are the most vitally needed innovations in innovation? What is "a difference that makes a difference"? We identify two – and attribute them to systemic innovation:

  • innovation which – through judicious application of systemic and systems thinking – secures that its effects are by all relevant criteria beneficial; that harmful side effects are avoided
  • innovation which has expanded in scale to the haughty realm of the socio-technical systems, including our civilization's basic institutions – public informing, corporation, finance, education, science and others

To understand the implications of this definition, consider that

  • all 'global issues' may be seen as 'side effects' of our present innovation
  • our institutions and professions are what turns our daily work into socially useful effects; gigantic improvements become possible when we bring our attention to this neglected realm

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