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Announcing our 5th biennial meeting in Dubrovnik

Collaborology 2016

Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, September 24 - October 2, 2016

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Buckminster Fuller saw IT-enabled collaboration as the way to end scarcity-induced and scarcity-inducing competition, and create the economy, politics and culture of abundance. Doug Engelbart saw it as the way to make a quantum leap in the evolution of our businesses and institutions. By creating "a super new nervous system to upgrade our collective social organisms", Doug envisioned, we can become "collectively intelligent", and hence capable of understanding and resolving our increasingly complex issues. Collaborology is conceived as a strategic move toward realising those and various other related visions, large and small.

Collaborology makes this move while serving specific career needs of its participants. Graduate students can take Collaborology for credit, with consent of their departments. Professionals can use it to co-develop change projects within multidisciplinay expert teams. And we in Knowledge Federation will use it to not only federate a body of knowledge for which there is urgent need, but also to federate the very way in which any such body of knowledge may be federated. Hence Collaborology is also a strategic move to make concerted progress on Knowledge Federation’s core mission.

While operating as an inter-university course, Collaborology is nothing like conventional courses. The design patterns that will mark the future of education, which continue to be collected by the Global Education Futures Forum, are woven together into a coherent whole and implemented and tested in practice. Collaborology implements a flexible learning environment where we all learn from each other, by co-creating knowledge and developing projects, each of us learning what we most want or need, and at the time when we need it. Hence in more than one way, Collaborology instantiates an education that can enable our society to evolve – also systemically.

Unlike the MOOCs where information is broadcasted, in Collaborology a range of knowledge resources are co-created or federated by leading international experts, and offered to learners worldwide. In this way Collaborology implements the economies of scale that are characteristic of knowledge federation – which enable everyone to contribute to higher organisation and quality of knowledge and knowledge work, instead of merely augmenting the speed and the quantity of production. Collaborology is intended to serve as another showcase prototype of knowledge federation, in education.

Seeing the academic pursuit of knowledge – which we hold in highest esteem and wish to serve with our best ability – in risk of devolving toward sweatshop-like article production on the one side, and conveyor belt-like production of graduates on the other, we in Knowledge Federation wish to create a situation where daring and revitalising academic impulses can emerge, as required by our society, and our global condition. Join us this October in Dubrovnik and be part of realising also this vision.

All elements of this program are still tentative. Keep an eye on these pages for likely changes.

Collaborology as Subject Collaborology as Prototype Collaborology as Event Program Module Instructors Venue Registration and Fees

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