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– If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

The quote in the heading is by Sir Isaac Newton from 1675. Imagine if we would lose this all-important capability, to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. What sort of problems, and what situation would result? Then, imagine if we would then regain it: What sort of opportunities would that open up?

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Connecting the dots

The Knowledge Federation logo suggests that the purpose of our initiative is to ‘connect the dots’ — to join disparate insights and results to create overarching higher-level insights, which provide meaning, and guidance and orientation.

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In Knowledge Federation we have made a discovery. We did not discover that our fellow men’s understanding of life’s basic issues was drowning in an ocean of glut; other researchers diagnosed that, and documented it thoroughly. And anyhow – isn’t that what one might expect in a situation where vast and rapidly growing technological and human resources are used to merely mass-produce and broadcast information? What we found out – when we began to develop and apply knowledge federation – was that it naturally leads to a change of the common ways in which life’s core issues are understood and handled. When the best insights of our best minds are combined together across the boundaries of academic disciplines and fields of interest, what results are radically different answers to core questions including the nature of truth and reality, in what way might happiness be successfully pursued, what still impedes our freedom and democracy, and what technological innovation might need to be like to benefit us incomparably more than it presently does. H3 Heading We also found out that those emerging new ways of conceiving the human and societal realities are not just random departures from our habitual ones – but that they indeed fit together and form a coherent system of values and ideas. The technical word is paradigm, and we’ll be using this word to point to an emergence, in our present era, of a thorough and sweeping change reminiscent to the emergence of science, of the “pursuit of happiness” and of the industrial production and democracy during the recent centuries. A compelling opportunity follows from this conclusion: To ignite “a great cultural revival” – which a giant identified as necessary in our condition, if our civilisation is to have a future. And to achieve that by doing no more than what a homo sapiens might anyhow identify as his evolutionary privilege and responsibility – namely by securing that we are still using knowledge to understand and manage the world we are living in. And to evolve culturally and socially, as the condition of our world, and our own condition, might require. It is to streamline this timely homo sapiens-styled re-evolution that Knowledge Federation has been created. After a decade of extensive activity on this uncommonly fertile field we are ready for a phase shift – from researching and prototyping, to real-life implementation and scaling. This website is being thoroughly recreated for that purpose.