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Science helped shape – and was shaped by – the Enlightenment. Polyscopy prototypes the creation of truth and meaning that can foster the next stage of our evolution.

What should information be like, how exactly should we create it and use it, so that it may best help us overcome the difficulties that our present way of evolving as society has led us to, and begin to evolve in a radically better way? Polyscopy points to the pivotal role of a community-wide gestalt (high-level view of a situation or issue, which points to a way in which it may need to be handled). The motivation is to allow for the kind of difference that is suggested by the comparison of everyone carrying buckets of water from their own basements, with everyone teaming up and building a dam to regulate the ow of the river that is causing the ooding.

The above metaphor, with which we introduced polyscopy to the systemic design community, invites a moment of reflection: The water in our basement might appear to us as down-to-earth reality. Extracting it might seem like a vital necessity, and a water pump may appear as a dream solution. And yet – as our metaphor might suggest – real or natural solutions are often found on a much higher level of generality and organization.

It is polyscopy's role to liberate us from our habitual 'realities' – and to empower us to see and act in ways that may turn our seemingly unsolvable problems into evolutionary opportunities.

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