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Knowledge federation is a road sign, a rule of thumb, an axiom or a principle, pointing to a way in which knowledge needs to be handled.

As the Knowledge Federation logo might suggest, knowledge federation means 'connecting the dots' – joining "pieces of information" into higher-order units of meaning and function. Political federation joins smaller geopolitical units together, to give them higher visibility and impact. Knowledge federation does that to information.

When capitalized, Knowledge Federation is an international community of practice, which has taken up the task of developing and streamlining knowledge federation as an academic field and a real-life praxis. Over the years, Knowledge Federation has developed a complete prototype of knowledge federation, which includes everything from epistemology and methods on the one side, and technology and institutional structures on the other.

As a principle, knowledge federation is so obvious that its very obviousness confounds the mind: Knowledge must be federated. You may have something in mind, but can you say that you really know it, before you've checked whether it's compatible with other relevant knowledge? And even then, can you say that your idea is known, before it is reflected in what other people think and do? Indeed knowledge federation would hardly need to be mentioned, if not for the fact that from time to time – and notably in our present time – our society tended to lose that capacity; and to fall into stagnation.

Our prototype shows that knowledge federation is a paradigm – as different from our everyday handling of knowledge as science was different from what the medieval scholastics were doing. And that once the capability to federate knowledge has been restored, the result is an Enlightenment-like change – of how the life's most basic themes are understood and handled.