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We must at once add that – on the much more positive side – there has hardly ever been a new paradigm that is simpler and more natural. Indeed – what could be more natural than creating and using information in a way that is guided by a purpose – so that information may help us tune all other things to their purpose!

These keywords are offered as sign posts for this exploration. We cannot even begin to talk about the new paradigm in the language of the old one. A new paradigm is a new language! And even the very way in which the words in this language are given meaning needs to be new. By offering you these keywords, we want to illuminate the emerging paradigm and make it sufficiently visible.

Ten main keywords may seem like a lot. So let us reassure you that four of them will be pointing to a single thing – to a paradigm in creation and use of knowledge, or in a word in informing; and that another four will all be pointing to the paradigm in cultural and societal evolution that this former paradigm may naturally beget.

To those eight we added an introductory keyword, setting the stage for all the rest. And we also added a concluding keyword, to point to the key challenge and the step each of us can and needs to take, to become part of the emerging paradigm.

Introductory keyword

  • Elephant is the word we have borrowed from three familiar contexts: (1) the story about the blind men and the elephant; (2) the story how elephants are trained to ignore their power; and (3) the expression "elephant in the room". The first story we use to point out that when the elephant is a new paradigm, then (not only the blind men but) even the visionaries will see it only from their specific angle or point of interest; and – trying to express what they see in the language that the other people speak, namely the language of the old paradigm – that they often talk about the same vision in ways that seem different or even incompatible with one another. The training of the elephants story will explain why "an elephant can be in the room" – which should be a spectacular, breath-taking event that everyone talks about – and yet remain invisible and not spoken about.

What we have undertaken to do by creating these keywords, and Knowledge Federation, polyscopy and other prototypes, is to materialize sufficient parts of the elephant so that he may begin to be visible. The idea is to begin to bootstrap the process of co-creating the real thing.

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