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Among them are the nuggets of gold with which we could “buy” our freedom and build a prosperous future. In principle we have the knowledge needed to begin an Enlightenment-like change. What we don’t yet have is a way to put that knowledge together.

When the knowledge we already own is sifted and organized together – or, as we like to say, when it is federated – what naturally follows is a sweeping cultural, societal and technological change, reminiscent of the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

The point here is that there is a natural strategy, a natural way to resolve the anomalies we now perceive as "global issues" – by beginning the next stage of our cultural and societal evolution, headed in a new direction and toward a new and different era of progress. We are not going to solve our problems. Just as the case was in similar periods in the past, we are going to evolve out of them – by evolving differently.

Our traditional institutions in general, and our academic disciplines in particular, being unsuitable for inciting this new direction, we have self-organized in a new way: as a transdiscipline for knowledge federation. This has enabled us to prospect and structure the work on this most needed and uniquely potent creative frontier. Knowledge Federation is a prototype of a knowledge-empowering collective mind. It is (a prototype of) an institutional space where this remedial trend can be developed.

During the first decade of its existence, Knowledge Federation has developed a portfolio of prototypes which amount to a proof of concept. This has been achieved through a series of events. In the course of those developments our network has grown to become a true federation of the creative leaders on the frontier.

In Autumn of 2018 we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary. Our intention is to mark that event as the beginning of a new phase of our evolution, where our focus will be on growing and scaling, and real-life impact. Our goal is to realize the uncommonly large societal, entrepreneurial, academic and evolutionary opportunities which our prototypes are pointing to.

To suit this transition, our communication design team is now creating a completely new website, based on our new visual profile, to communicate clearly and accessibly what has been, and can be, achieved. Meanwhile we are sketching ideas freely on this old website, to give our design team material to work with. You may browse through the themes provided in our banner menu and see if you can already anticipate what's emerging. The poster has been conceived as a quick illustration and may be a natural place to begin. Alternatively our keywords are conceived to both point to the new direction, and facilitate a deepening understanding.

And in case you might already penetrate through our sketchy formulations and cannot wait to join us on this awesomest new frontier, do not hesitate to contact us!

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