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What would our world be like if we could truly take advantage of our knowledge?

What would our academic and other knowledge-work practices be like if they would provide us this advantage?

The mission of Knowledge Federation is to answer those questions proactively, not only by pointing to answers, but also by crafting solutions.

Aware that the traditional ways in which we are organized are part of the problem, we have self-organized in a new way, as a transdiscipline. Our goal is to give knowledge, and the contemporary information technology, the power to provide us, the contemporary people and society, what we now most urgently need – meaning. And meaningful ways to direct our efforts.

During the first decade of its existence, Knowledge Federation has developed a portfolio of prototypes, which amounts to a proof of concept. We are now preparing for our next phase – communication, a prelude to world-wide implementation and scaling.

While our design team is creating a completely new website to suit this new phase, we are using this old one to do the wordsmithing. We invite you to revisit us in Spring 2018, when this work will be completed. Or to look over our shoulders and see the ideas emerge.

And if it turns out that you can already see the uncommon potential of the creative frontier we have endeavored to organize and make accessible, and feel inspired to be part of realizing that potential – please do not hesitate to contact us!

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