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Announcing our 5th biennial meeting in Dubrovnik

Tools and Practices for the Collective Mind Revolution

Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, September 25 - October 1, 2016

Already in 1951 Doug Engelbart envisioned that the digital computer technology, when equipped with interactive facilities and interconnected as a network, would enable entirely different and incomparably more effective and efficient processes in knowledge creation and sharing. Doug foresaw that this collective mind revolution, as we like to call it, would result in a quantum leap in the evolution of our businesses and institutions. By evolving "a super new nervous system to upgrade our collective social organisms", we would vastly augment our"collective intelligence", and become capable of understanding and resolving our increasingly complex issues.

This year Knowledge Federation is inviting a small group of selected researchers, developers and business leaders, to make a breakthrough on the collective mind frontier. For a number of years we have been working alone or within small communities or companies, each focusing on some significant aspect of the collective mind. By coordinating our work and collaborating more effectively, we can achieve the synergies and develop complete processes and solutions, which the expanding collective mind revolution now requires.

If we so agree, CEUR-WS proceedings will be produced after the event.

See Also
  • This half-hour recording of the conversation between Victor Botev of Iris AI and Dino Karabeg of Knowledge Federation will further clarify the nature of this event.

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