Tesla and the Nature of Creativity (TNC) Prototype

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Suppose that a researcher develops a result that could be highly relevant in other fields, and even impact the culture at large. But the result is technical and not easily accessible to a non-specialist. How can this result be federated (expressed in an accessible language, verified, linked and compared to related results in other fields, brought to the attention of researchers in other fields where it can be relevant, made accessible to journalists)? The TNC Project develops a prototype answer, by federating Dejan Raković's original work (see the first reference below).

Already the first step in the federation process — transforming a research article into a multimedia object (where key ideas are summarized by an accessible model, and linked to the corresponding sections in the text, recorded interviews with the author with explanation etc.) — brings us a significant step forward, and opens a rich problem space to research and innovation. Further steps extract core ideas, represent them in graphical form online, link them with other related ideas and resources, make them accessible to public for comments, and make them accessible to researchers from other fields and to journalists.

We highlight the following facets of the TNC project:

  • The theme — the nature of creativity, as manifested by Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor — is both attractive and relevant. Is a breakthrough in understanding — and developing — creativity possible? Highly creative people of Tesla's caliber could surely help us improve our present condition. Can we generalize and draw conclusions about the human potential in general? This theme can serve as a 'Trojan horse' to bring relevant themes to public attention.
  • This project manifests a natural procedure for systemic innovation research, where we use existing technology (Acrobat Professional, Skype interviews, multimedia, Compendium and Cohere) to improvise a system prototype, with the view towards understanding what technological components could be needed.
  • Why has the subtle nature of creativity been ignored? The TNC Project offers a natural way to bring the Foundations Frontier to public attention.
  • Last but not least — we must highlight how this project answers to the global issues, specifically the observation made by Aurelio Peccei (among numerous others), that a cultural revival is a necessary condition to resolving the world problems and evolving (progressing) further. See How to Begin the next Renaissance.

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