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This article says this: ...unity (single voice, clarity of vision, ability to act in unison and achieve impact). as if that is a goal of knowledge federation. I would argue that islands of unity are likely to appear, but that is better described as an emergent property of KF rather than a goal. Using the term political federation can conjure images of warring politicians, not an image that would sell the concept of Knowledge Federation. I suspect that wandering into any domain which is named political can be substituted out by not using specific domains as an overriding metaphor or analogy to what knowledge federation is.

The definition: organization of knowledge resources analogous to political federation can be greatly simplified as explained next.

Plain and simple, knowledge federation is at once a process, and an entity. As a process, its primary activity is to bring together (to federate) information resources created by varieties of epistemic communities, without bias. Whatever they say, we record and organize.

The term bring together needs disambiguation: a pathological case is simply to aggregate, as in toss everything in a hopper and let people deal with that. An ideal case, though perhaps not the only ideal case is that of topic-centric organization of those resources.

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