Knowledge must be federated

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Knowledge federation finds its niche in the completely new situation that has resulted from the change from information scarcity to information abundance. It profiles itself by putting forth a new set of values and ways of handling knowledge.


We introduce the term knowledge federation to stand for remedial values and activities in knowledge work.


Knowledge must be federated

By this we mean that we no longer assume that by putting an idea into the public space by publishing a research or a newspaper article has made the idea known. Indeed, the story of communication often only begins at that point.

The need for knowledge federation arises at the point where communication can no longer be taken for granted. And as soon as we begin to look more closely into this matter — i.e. when we begin to federate available insights — we readily find out that communication could never be taken for granted [1].

Interestingly, there is now an inversion — to make one's work known, a researcher must flood the space, it is (perceived as) no longer sufficient to just publish an article. The same idea has to be spread in many articles. While this approach might help a researcher federate an insight, this clearly worsens the over-all overload.


  1. See "Tappers and Listeners," on p. 19 of Chip Heath & Dan Heath: Made to Stick for an elegant introduction to the paradoxical nature of communication.

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