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A public informing to empower democracy to seek systemic solution

Co-Creating an Innovation Ecosystem for Good Journalism

Santa Mònica Arts Centre, Barcelona, November 13-16, 2011

The Web has enabled us to use the growing variety of media technologies as Lego blocks, and create daringly new systemic solutions for knowledge work. As a pivotal systemic component, whose change is also needed for internal reasons (P. Coulter: "Journalism, worldwide, is in a crisis"), journalism/public informing naturally takes priority. Following the basic pattern of Knowledge Federation, this event brought together 15 journalists or journalism creatives, knowledge media researchers, collaborative knowledge work experts, and Induct Software as Corporate Stakeholder. The result was an innovation ecosystem for good journalism.

Paddy Coulter has kindly accepted to be the Workshop Chair and Opening Keynote Speaker. Formerly the Director of Studies at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University, and Director of the International Broadcasting Trust, Paddy Coulter is the Director of Oxford Global Media and a Fellow of Green College, Oxford. Part of his role will be to secure for us close contact with the good journalism tradition. Professor Coulter distinguishes himself by projects that aim to align journalism with demands of sustainable economy and solutions to global issues.

David Price, FRSA, Ph.D., co-founder of Debategraph and of Global Sensemaking joined us as the leader of the technology team, and gave the opening keynote on the second day. Debategraph has come perhaps furthest in applying collective sensemaking in journalism and governance.

Synergy – between innovation in public informing, and innovation in knowledge media technology – was the core theme that underlies this event. By 'co-creating an innovation ecosystem for good journalism,' we initiate a project where those two interests will continue to cross-fertilize; hence the result of this workshop was just as much an innovation ecosystem for (systemic solutions involving) knowledge media technology.

Summary of the Results

  • From the point of view of Knowledge Federation as 'transdiscipline for systemic innovation', the BCN2011 workshop was an instance of Knowledge Federation in action. The main point about the resulting prototype is that it represents a clear instance of a paradigm shift, hence illustrates the power and the meaning of systemic innovation. (More precisely, the BCN2011 Innovation Ecosystem & Good Journalism Prototype are instances of systemic inventions; The Game-Changing Game and more concretely the ZIG prototype bring the creative process all the way to innovation—i.e. 'reality' or 'market'.) This point has been carefully elaborated at our presentation at the workshop New Media and EU)—hear the audio recording while simultaneously viewing the prezi of this talk.
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