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Operational goal

  • Secure financial and other kinds of support for Knowledge Federation by developing the Proactive Donorship Program, Corporate Stakeholder Programds and suitable business models for its projects.


  • With time it becomes obvious that knowledge federation is game-changing; to donors, this is an opportunity to truly make a difference; to corporate stakeholders, this is an opportunity to be part of a creative frontier.

Immediate practical goals

  • Complete the Invitation to be a Corporate Stakeholder in Knowledge Federation [1].
  • Compose an invitation to be a Proactive Sponsor in Knowledge Federation.

Themes to introduce, paradigms to change

  • From reactive to proactive donorship [2]

Contributions to Knowledge Federation

  • Makes Knowledge Federation financially sustainable or prosperous.

Contributions to the changing world

  • Diverting money flow towards systemic improvement


  1. See Invitation to be a Corporate Stakeholder in Knowledge Federation
  2. The insight that both problems and solutions are (best seen as) systemic leads to a completely new approach to donorship. An interesting challenge of this project is to federate this insight to prospective stake holders.

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