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By creating these keywords we develop new ways of perceiving our social and academic reality.

The Knowledge Federation keywords present an excellent way to begin understanding the new scheme of things whose emergence Knowledge Federation has undertaken to facilitate. Notice that – by using the approach of polyscopy – we are creating those words to point to what needs to be shown. They are defined by convention, hence ideal – and liberate our way of looking.

A good way to begin might be to look at the paradigm strategy and follow the link to The Paradigm Strategy poster, where the the great overarching vision is explained in terms of a visual map, with other relevant keywords and elements.. Alternatively, good entry points – catering to specific professional or personal interests – might be

  • knowledge federation combining IT and general knowledge work interests, and how they combine
  • systemic innovation entrepreneurial interests / innovation are combined with social entrepreneurship in a synergy; shows also the field of action we are expanding to
  • polyscopy academic and social entrepreneurship – prototype knowledge work – as

and then descend toward more detail by exploring other terms that are provided therein.

Glossary of keywords

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