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Operational goal

  • Lead Knowledge Federation by hosting people and events


  • In Knowledge Federation we are developing a new organizational culture, based on co-creation, dialogue... that suits knowledge federation. Developing it through use is both a creative act and an enabler of creative acts — success in our undertaking will critically depend on our ability to reach and inspire able people.

Immediate practical tasks

  • Inspect Fredrik Refsli's proposal for new Knowledge Federation graphical profile and give suggestions
  • Complete the new Knowledge Federation Drupal-based community portal and open it to public.
  • Complete Knowledge Federation Newsletter One

Themes to introduce, paradigms to change

  • Since the flow of information and knowledge, and of creativity and authority, defines an organizational structure, the knowledge federation may serve as template for 'organization 2.0' — nourishing collective creativity and maintaining synergy between individual and collective goals, and between personal and organizational development.

Contributions to Knowledge Federation

  • Making it blossom
  • Developing knowledge federation spirit and organizational culture [1]

Contributions to the changing world

  • Maintaining an environment where those of us who are so inclined can truly make a difference


  1. Hosting Team experiments with integrating suitable leadership approaches such as the art of hosting.

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