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In Dubrovnik, Knowledge Federation has been fortunate to find and further develop a venue that is ideal for our purposes.

  • Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik is a Renaissance town and a historical monument on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The town has a well-connected international airport, with lots of direct international flights still active in late September.
  • Inter University Centre Dubrovnik
Our workshops are staged at the Inter University Centre in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Established in 1972 as the place where scientists and humanists from the political East and West could meet and federate ideas, this center now offers the meeting space for the researchers from its member institutions, which include some 200 leading international universities, and accredited courses to their students. Behind the center is a cypress grove that extends to the Adriatic Sea.
  • Sesame restaurant
Less than 100 meters from the IUC, we are fortunate to have this authentic restaurant, family-owned by Miško Ercegović and Marina Žibert. Marina combines local cuisine with mostly organic ingredients and her Cordon Bleu education.
  • Villa Doda
This old aristocratic villa, within 5 minutes walking distance from the Old City gate, with its terraces, piano, garden... is at our exclusive disposal for (limited, first-come first-serve) 'being there' accommodation, parties and garden conversations, beginning Wednesday, September 28.
  • Accommodation
Dubrovnik being a world-famous travel destination, and end of September being the end of the peak tourist season, it will not be difficult to find suitable accommodation online. Studios and apartments will be more affordable and probably also more suitable than hotel rooms. This year, owing to changes in dates, we will have Villa Doda beginning Wednesday, September 28. We encourage you to consider accommodation in Villa Doda for the second part of your stay, which has numerous advantages – see the Registration and Fees page for payment details.
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