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To provide a more concrete idea of our workshop and of the sort of collaboration we expect to curate, we here name only a handful of expected participant. We expect to have no more than 15 people present, which will give each of us ample time to share our work and ideas and receive feedback in conversations – and all of us an opportunity to collaborate hands-on and co-develop projects.

  • Yuzuru Tanaka is a veteran and leader in knowledge media R&D in Japan, the designer of the Meme Media architecture, and Professor Emeritus of the University of Hokaido.
  • Alf Martin Johansen is an entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of Induct Software, a company which is spearheading the collective mind revolution internationally. Alf's and Induct's goal is to interconnect the global innovation ecosystem.
  • Anita Schjøll Brede and Victor Botev are co-founders and leaders of Iris AI, working on the frontier of AI-enabled collective mind revolution in the sciences and beyond. See Anita share their vision at TEDx Binnenhof.
  • Sasha & Siniša Rudan are researchers and entrepreneurs, and designers and developers of CollaboFramework. We explain the CollaboFramework with the help of the following metaphorical image: Imagine a group of people around a table, and a collection of Lego-like building blocks on the table. The purpose of those block is to serve as tools and connecting elements, enabling the people around the table to configure the way they work together in any way they might desire. The CollaboFramework architecture consists of a module called KnAllEdge, representing knowledge in a domain, and a collection of interoperable and crowdsourced apps-like modules, each applying to KnAllEdge some specific social process or transformation. CollaboFramework is a prototype of a toolkit we may develop to enable to effectively collaborate on scaling the collective mind frontier.
  • Samuel Hahn is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, project leader and developer. Inspired by Doug Engelbart's unfinished revolution, in which he has been a most active participant, Sam is designing a collection of collaboration-enabling applications and social processes.
  • Frode Hegland is a Norwegian knowledge media designer based in London, the author of Author and the organizer of the acclaimed The Future of Text symposia.
  • David Price is a co-founder and co-leader of DebateGraph – the leading platform enabling communities to co-create insights into critical issues.
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